Welcome to JEM Systems
Inside our company’s culture

Who we are

JEM Systems was founded in 2019 as JEM Security, a small startup in Scottsdale, AZ. In these few years of existence, JEM has taken the market by storm and has been growing exponentially at an incredibly fast pace. Since then, we’ve already moved our headquarters to Phoenix, AZ, and opened our first branch, in São Paulo, Brazil.

During this process of expansion, we had the opportunity to build a solid experience in how to create a people-oriented environment, which greatly aligns with our culture of closeness and intimacy between all our collaborators.

This translates to a horizontal organizational structure, where the information can flow freely between all hierarchical levels, which provides our collaborators with autonomy, empowering and motivating them to bring new ideas to the table and helping them really explore their full potential.

As any growing company, JEM is full of opportunities to highly motivated people with the right attitude and a make it happen mindset.

Our culture

Here at JEM, we care about people. That’s the philosophy that governs our company, and that’s where we are always moving towards. The healthy relationship and the familiar environment between every single person in our offices is what we care about the most.

As a business that revolves around saving lives, we respect and cherish each and every form of life, regardless of any cultural or personal diversity, including race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental capacities, or social origins.

We value every form of self-expression, always putting inclusivity in the first place so everyone can be valued for their differences. No discrimination of any sort is tolerated in any of our premises.

Our Values

Our values are highly based on having good relationships with all our partners, those being our clients, collaborators, or suppliers. Every decision we make is with their best interest in mind, and that’s the key in making mutually good deals, conquering strong strategic partnerships in all continents.

JEM has been growing in an incredibly fast pace since its creation and we have no limits to our ambition in becoming the best supplier in the whole country, so, naturally, we choose to partner with those who share our values and vision. Mutual growth is what we are all about.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best service a company possibly can, from the early stages of our supply chain until our final clients. We want to be seen as the go-to company when you think about excellence in interpersonal relationships.

For our suppliers, we offer massive volume purchases and a continuous flow of orders, but most importantly, we offer a partner that you can rely on for every occasion.

For our customers, we offer unbeatable prices and fast delivery, as well as the closeness and intimacy of the customer service of a small business, while maintaining the capacity to supply as many items as their project requires.

What makes us able to keep our promise to our clients is a good relationship with our suppliers, and vice versa, thus why that’s of utmost importance for us to invest so much in a good relationship with everyone we do business with, and we abide by those values, no matter what.


Welcome to JEM Systems

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Published on
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