Safety is a top priority for us. With the help of JEM Systems, you can select from a wide range of Edwards fire safety products in all categories. Shop for best-selling products from the brands you trust. Plus, buy now and get free shipping on orders over $175. JEM Systems is your trusted supplier.Keep your property and construction projects safe with trustworthy and reliable Edwards products, including fire alarms and heat detectors, and more. Some best-selling Edwards fire safety supplies we offer include:
Edwards 302-ET-135 | 135 Rate-Anticipation Heat Detector, 135°F Explosion Proof Mounting
Edwards GCSVWN | Ceiling Mount, Plain Lettering, White Speaker Strobe
Edwards WG4RN-HVMHC | Outdoor, Wall Mount Multicandela, Red Horn Strobe
With our safe and reputable products from Edwards and other trusted brands, you can be sure that your future clients will be protected from potential disaster. Don’t take the risk — stock up on Edwards safety products to ensure your construction projects are protected and up-to-code. Reach out to our support team with any questions.

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Edwards 302-ET-135

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Honeywell 302-EPM-194

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Edwards 302-EPM-135

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Edwards 4-PPS/M
Edwards G4SVWN
Edwards GCSVWN
Edwards ZR8
Edwards G4AVRN
Edwards G4AVRF-CVR
Edwards G4VRF-CVR
Edwards WG4WN-SVMC
Edwards WG4WN-HVMC
Edwards WG4WN-H
Edwards WG4WF-S
Edwards WG4RN-SVMC
Edwards WG4RN-HVMC
Edwards HPSA15R2570
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Select up to 4 items to compare.